Letter Templates

Sample Letter No. 4: Email To Your Friends and Family Members

August 4, 2010 Read More View Comments

Your friends and family members are your greatest supporters, yet they probably know the least about what you actually do. They love knowing that you enjoy your work and are growing a business by making products that enhance people’s lives, but they don’t know much beyond that — and they may not want to know. [...]

Sample Letter No. 3: Email To Your Independent Sales Reps

July 31, 2010 Read More View Comments

The Internet has helped the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics scare people into thinking that cosmetics are unsafe. As a small company, you are hardest hit by this fear mongering, even if you are or at one time were a Compact signer. They are telling an untrue story, all the while saying that they care about [...]

Sample Letter No. 2: An Email To Your Customers

July 30, 2010 Read More View Comments

While it’s challenging when a small business must communicate controversial news to their customers, there are times when it becomes critical to do so in order to have the necessary impact on public policy. We must let our customers know about the bill, and how it will adversely affect their ability to buy the products [...]

Sample Letter No. 1: Companies Grossing Less Than $5,000 Annually

July 29, 2010 Read More View Comments

Not everyone comes from the exact same perspective when it comes to SCA, so I am going to take a stab at writing different letter templates that you can cut and paste and send to different people in your life to share opposition to this bill. While anyone can edit this template, it is specifically [...]