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As you may know, I have temporarily changed the format of my show to address issues associated with H.R. 5786: The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010. The show airs live at 1:00pm EST, and you can listen live online and join the live Twitter chat by following the instructions at the bottom of this post. Today’s guests are Lauren Sheahan and Valerie Reed, both small cosmetics manufacturers and former signers of the Compact For Safe Cosmetics. They will share the story of their long interaction with the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics, the name describing the special interest groups that wrote the new bill.

1. Lauren Sheahan. Lauren is the owner of Lauress Cosmetics in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the home state of Rep. Tammy Baldwin, one of the original co-sponsors of the bill. LaurEss offers premium mineral cosmetics, answering consumers’ need for natural, non-irritating makeup products that look beautiful, have a lightweight feel, exceptional coverage and sophisticated colors. Lauren is a wife and mother, and her business is threatened by the new law, even though she was a faithful Compact signer for five years. You can follow Lauren on Twitter at here.

2. Valerie Reed. Valerie owns Valana Minerals in San Marcos, California. She is a pioneer in the creation of vegan makeup for women of color. The color palate contains rich, deep colors that coordinate well with tan and brown skin. Her products contain beneficial ingredients, vegan lip colors and amazingly soft synthetic cosmetic brushes, and her philosophy mandates high quality, education on safe cosmetic ingredients and application tutorials. Each of these aspects of Valana Minerals makes her company a unique addition to the cosmetic industry. Her products are sold online, at festivals through the Los Angeles area and in Whole Foods Markets. Follow Valerie on on Twitter here.

Here’s how to join the show today at 1:00pm EST

There are two players to choose from to listen to the show. If you want to make sure in advance that you’ll be able to hear the show tomorrow, click the player you normally use below and if you can hear a current show playing (someone else’s show), it means you’ll be able to click the same link and listen live tomorrow. If the links don’t work, it means you do not have the player installed on your computer, so follow the “click to download” instructions below.

Click here to listen with Windows Media Player (Click here if you need to download Windows Media Player)
Click here to listen with QuickTime (Click here if you need to download download QuickTime)

If all you wish to do is listen, you don’t need to do anything else. Just turn up your volume and listen live.

How To Chat Live During The Show

If you’d like a more robust and interactive experience (which may also increase the number of people who care about this issue who follow you on Twitter), you’ll want to either TweetChat or TweetGrid to chat live.

TweetChat is an easy to use. Web application that uses text messages on Twitter to interact me, show guests and others participating in the live show and chat. To use TweetChat during the show, go to TweetChat, then type OpposeSCA. If you are not already logged into Twitter, you will be asked to log in. Once you’re logged in, you will begin to see the screen update with the real time conversations of everyone participating during the show and live chat.

As you can see, you can participate in the chat by using Twitter like you normally do. The #OpposeSCA hashtag will automatically be added to each Tweet you send out. You can use the icons on the right side of the chat windows to ReTweet, Reply, Favorite, etc., You can pause the chat and do other things to make it easier to keep up with the conversation. If you have not familiar with live Twitter chats, my suggestion is to use TweetChat.

Tweetgrid is the best choice if you want more robust interaction, and if you are already familiar with live Twitter chats. To use TweetGrid, log onto the customized TweetGrid link set up for #OpposeSCA. Log in as indicated by entering your Twitter name (include the @ symbol) and your password. Once you authenticate the account, you can start Tweeting using the Tweet window at the top of the page. Note that the #OpposeSCA hashtag appears to the right of the Tweet window. By using this link, the #OpposeSCA hashtag is automatically added when you Tweet. (If you do not see #OpposeSCA there, please add it so it is appended to your Tweets.)

Our TweetGrid link has three columns. The far left column is where you can see the Tweets of everyone using the hashtag during the show. The center column shows my Tweets as the host of the show, and I may or may not add some of the show guest to that column. You can use the far right column for you own twitter account so you can see who is replying specifically to you. Just put @ your twitter name (it’s best to include the @ symbol there), choose search, and TweetGrid will look for people speaking directly to you so you can chat with them.

You’ll notice above you username is a #hashtag box, which should say #OpposeSCA – if it doesn’t, please add it there, so that it adds that tag to each tweet you send.

Use the icons to ReTweet, Reply, etc. Things may move pretty fast, so if you feel like it’s too much to follow, choose “Stop” so you can kind of catch up a bit. When you’re ready to join live again, choose “Search” and you’ll rejoin the conversation as it unfolds.

Remember that I am having the show recorded so you can listen later. I may also be able to prepare and transcript but I’m not sure about that yet.

I know this may seem like a lot to people who are not used to using live chats, but I do want you to remember that your ability to use services like these will continually enhance your ability to participate in this new economy which requires us to continually learn how to use new technologies to reach the people who want to buy our products.

And remember, of the two chat systems above, TweetChat is far less complicated for a “beginner,” so if you are new to all of this, start with that. Or just listen this time and try a chat next week. As you know, from time to time, Twitter runs slow of stops altogether. If this happens on the show, it will not affect the audio. You will be able to listen even if Twitter stops working or slows down so don’t panic if the Twitter stream is slow or stops.

Let Your Followers Know

As a courtesy, if you plan to chat and interact during the show a lot, you may wish to tell your followers that you are joining a live Twitter chat so they know in advance that you’ll be Tweeting live for a bit. Here’s a suggested Tweet you can cut and paste:

I’m joining a live Twitter chat about #OpposeSCA and may be Tweeting about it for about an hour.

Question: If you have questions about SCA 2010, please leave them in the comments. We may ask your question on the show. If you have a comment about SCA 2010, leave that too. If it fits into the show, we may discuss it. If you leave your name and city/state, we would like to be able to mention that as well. Thanks!

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