A Post To Etsy Sellers About SCA 2010

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This morning, I added a post to a discussion on the etsy forums about SCA 2010. Thanks to everyone who has shared the Petition and other helpful information there. My post is a high level overview of three of the most problematic portions of HR 5786, so I thought I would share it here as [...]

Lauren Sheahan, Former Compact Signer Speaks Out! [Audio]

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Donna Maria interviews Lauren Sheahan of Lauress Cosmetics, a former signer of the Compact For Safe Cosmetics, about her experiences as a Compact signer.


Campaign For Safe Cosmetics Treats Compact Signers Unfairly [Video]

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Today’s Indie Business Podcast featured Lauren Sheahan of LaurEss Cosmetics in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Lauren is a wife and mother who started her business in 2003. She rents a manufacturing facility in Green Bay and between her, her husband and one woman, she has three employees. Lauren became a signer of the Compact For Safe [...]

Cosmetic Industry Leaders Discuss H.R. 5786 [Audio]

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Last week, the Indie Business podcast studio was dark so I could travel to Capitol Hill to advocate for small businesses regarding H.R. 5786. The week before, on July 26, I hosted a lively discussion with cosmetic industry leaders about the new bill. Scroll to the bottom to click to listen to the audio. My [...]


Oppose SCA 2010 On August 9 Indie Business Podcast!

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As you may know, I have temporarily changed the format of my show to address issues associated with H.R. 5786: The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010. The show airs live at 1:00pm EST, and you can listen live online and join the live Twitter chat by following the instructions at the bottom of this post. Today’s [...]

Video: Can You Comply With 50 Different State Cosmetics Laws?

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This is the first in a series of videos I plan to share covering some of the overly burdensome and unnecessary provisions of H.R. 5786. Today, I tell you about the Savings Clause, which can be found in Section 621 of the bill. A Savings Clause is a short paragraph in a piece of federal [...]

Commentary On Natural Foods Merchandiser Article About SCA 2010

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Marla Bosworth at Back Porch Soap just Tweeted the publication of this article at the Natural Foods Merchandiser website. I just submitted a comment, and it has been accepted at their site, but it did not preserve my line and paragraph breaks so it is virtually illegible. I thought it would be a good idea [...]

Sample Letter No. 4: Email To Your Friends and Family Members

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Your friends and family members are your greatest supporters, yet they probably know the least about what you actually do. They love knowing that you enjoy your work and are growing a business by making products that enhance people’s lives, but they don’t know much beyond that — and they may not want to know. [...]