safe cosmetics act of 2010

Handcrafted SoapMakers Guild Establishes Legislative Advocacy Fund And Policy Positions

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Leigh O’Donnell, president of the Handcrafted SoapMakers Guild (HSMG) today announced creation of a Legislative Advocacy Committee and is in an active search for a lobbyist to work in Washington, DC. To see HSMG’s specific positions on HR 5786, click here. To donate to their Legislative Advocacy Fund, click here. HSMG is an international non-partisan [...]

What SCA “Really” Means For Small Cosmetics Companies, Part II

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In Part I of the “What SCA Really Means For Small Cosmetics Companies, Part I,” I shared a response to the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics’s assertions about “What Companies Will Have To Do.” In this post, I respond to their second point: “How Will The Safety Assessment System Work?” Again, quite a few very important [...]

A Post To Etsy Sellers About SCA 2010

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This morning, I added a post to a discussion on the etsy forums about SCA 2010. Thanks to everyone who has shared the Petition and other helpful information there. My post is a high level overview of three of the most problematic portions of HR 5786, so I thought I would share it here as [...]

Lauren Sheahan, Former Compact Signer Speaks Out! [Audio]

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Donna Maria interviews Lauren Sheahan of Lauress Cosmetics, a former signer of the Compact For Safe Cosmetics, about her experiences as a Compact signer.


Cosmetic Industry Leaders Discuss H.R. 5786 [Audio]

August 9, 2010 Read More View Comments

Last week, the Indie Business podcast studio was dark so I could travel to Capitol Hill to advocate for small businesses regarding H.R. 5786. The week before, on July 26, I hosted a lively discussion with cosmetic industry leaders about the new bill. Scroll to the bottom to click to listen to the audio. My [...]


Sample Letter No. 1: Companies Grossing Less Than $5,000 Annually

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Not everyone comes from the exact same perspective when it comes to SCA, so I am going to take a stab at writing different letter templates that you can cut and paste and send to different people in your life to share opposition to this bill. While anyone can edit this template, it is specifically [...]

Oppose SCA 2010 On July 26 Indie Business Podcast

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(I apologize if the formatting of this post is a little off. We are still in launch mode. Thank you for your patience.) As you may know, I have hosted and produced the Indie Business Podcast since October 2005, featuring influential experts, authors, entrepreneurs and celebrities who offer tips and insights to help small business [...]